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M-STAR INNOVATIONS LIMITED is one of the fastest growing procurement and contracting firms in Nigeria with the primary aim and objective of helping to support the rapid industrialization of Nigeria through the provision of technical, training, logistic and procurement services using its innovations, ideas, skills, knowledge, experience and management resources.

We specialize in information communication technologies (ICT) solutions and gadgets, Learning and Capacity Building (L&CB), General Researches and consults, Project Management, ICT Facility Management, Strategic Human Resources Management, General procurement and contracts of Computers, Phones, Office equipment, Printing equipment, safety/fire equipment, mechanical spares, security gadgets, electrical instrumentation, Chemical, medical and laboratory equipment, Civil materials, Fixtures and furniture, agricultural produces and commodities and associated services to ever vibrant Nigeria market.


Since its establishment in Nigeria in 2013, M-STAR INNOVATIONS LIMITED has continuing to grow and diversify its operations. The company has built a strong and distinctive reputation for quality standard goods and services in the industry. With a strategic and planned investment in products, services and personnel, the company has established itself as one of the most reliable suppliers.

The success of M-STAR INNOVATIONS LIMITED has been assured by our ability to fulfill the most rigorous demands of our clients.  No matter what the client requirements, we have a single aim to meet their specification needs, timely delivery and competitively.

The availability of a specialist management service team covering all aspects of supplier, from initial review of inquiry and procurement through actual delivery of goods to site with appropriate documentation; has been a significant advantage in the market place. And this has enabled the company to develop close relationship with major manufacturers and clients worldwide.

Today, the challenges for industrial development demands new innovations, visions and ideas by operators, contractors and suppliers. M-STAR INNOVATIONS LIMITED believes they have competence, commitment to meet these new challenges and to continue to satisfy the requirement of our clients today and in the future.


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