General Cleaning & Fumigation Service

The availability of a specialist management service team covering all aspects of operations from initial review of enquiry and contract/project implementation through actual delivery of goods and services to site with appropriate documentation; has been a significant advantage in the market place. And this has enabled the company to develop close relationship with major sectors, institutions and clients nationwide.

Fumigation Service

Today, the challenges for institutional and industrial development demands new innovations, visions and ideas by operators, contractors and suppliers. M-STAR INNOVATIONS LIMITED believes they have competence, technical resources and commitment to meet these new challenges and to continue to satisfy the requirement of our clients today and in the future.



The cost of fumigation service are 25,000 (Twenty five thousand naira only) for monthly, 60,000 (Sixty thousand Naira Only) which will be done quarterly and 100,000 (One hundred thousand naira only) for biannually, using an appropriate IPC and chemicals in a required mix ratio suitable for food, environmental friendly, commodities and allied products.

The general cleaning services depend on the size and area of the building/office/facilities/environment.

The contract pricing is applicable to cleaning services due to the repetition of the same services by the same producer to the same client for a long period time (e.g., the daily cleaning of an office). Long term contracts with price escalation are the prevailing top pricing mechanism in this industry. The contracts are the result of firms competing for tenders; usually the firm that offers the lowest price wins the bid.

The unit measure in contract prices can refer to price per hour of work, a global monthly price or price per square meter.

The objective is always to monitor finalized prices, that is, allowing for any discounts.

The price determining factors are:

  • Type of cleaning (general, windows, etc.)
  • Type of building (office, hospital, enterprise, etc.)
  • Time of day (morning, evening)
  • Materials – included or not (paper, chemical)
  • Size of the building in sq. m/ft.

Also based on the nature of the services such as; window cleaning, carpet cleaning, errand services, party cleaning and assistance, real estate cleaning, new construction clean up, organization services.

Factors that influence prices are mainly factors affecting changes in labor costs: cost –of- living, allowance, minimum wage and changes in the price of materials, mainly paper and chemicals. Most contracts are adjusted to variations in the cost-of-living and minimum wage regulations, as the payment is mostly for labour. When the minimum wage rises, cleaning companies usually do not raise their prices by the full increase amount, due to the aggressive



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