ICT Facility Management

We provide individual, co-operate repair and maintenance based on our client specifications and satisfactory such as; we have many repair and maintenance contract options to provide full service coverage, to your residential and business locations. These are preventive, routine, emergency repairs, and predictive maintenance depends on the contract agreement to satisfy our clients’ specification.

  1. Preventive Maintenance-: this is a type of maintenance carried, out on institution/organization facilities to avoid breakdown and ensure optimal performance of the facility up-to-date. Information about the facilities is required to serve as a guide for the maintenance team. Preventive maintenance saves cost and time. It is usually an integral part of the management practice in societies where maintenance culture is well established. Decisions on preventive maintenance are collectively made and implemented.

  2. Routine Maintenance:- this is carried out periodically as scheduled by the facility managers. Facilities. Managers. Facilities may be serviced monthly, quarterly or even annually depending on the agreed schedule. Manufacturer guide provide information on the nature and maintenance intervals. Facility managers comply with these guides to avoid breakdown of the environment.

  3. Emergency Repairs-: this is very common in the management of institution/organization facilities. In societies where maintenance culture is not well established. It takes place when a facilities breaks down and urgent measure or steps hand to be taken to remedy the situation. In this regard, collective decision-making may not be possible because there any be limited time to bring together all the necessary individuals to make decisions. It is also expensive because due to lack of maintenance, the extent of damage may demand total replacement of the facility or high cost of repair. In some cases, the breakdown may cause injury or even death to staff or member of the facility for operation and production until repair had been effected. Facility managers should proactively develop and implement facilities management plan for addressing facility needs.

  4. Predictive Maintenance-: This involves the use of computer software to predict equipment failure based on age, user demand and performance measures.


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