Products and Services

Products and Services:

We specialize in;

  • General procurement and contracts:

Office equipments, Computers, printing equipment, Security/Safety/Fire equipment, Mechanical spares, electrical instrumentation, Chemical, Medical and Laboratory equipment, civil materials, agriculture produces and commodities and associated services to ever vibrant Nigeria market.

  • ICT solutions and gadgets:
  • ICT Training
  • Service/Repair and maintenance
  • Project and Facility Management:
  • ICT Facility Management
  • Human resources Management
  • Learning and capacity building (L&CB):
  • Entrepreneur ship and management
  • Agricultural production and processing
  • Leadership and Cooperate development
  • Vocational skill acquisition.
  • General Researches and consults:
  • Project design, Implementation, M & E
  • Advisory services
  • Environmental Analysis, Management and control:
  • Integrated Pest Control
  • General Cleaning service and Fumigation service.

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